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High Level Indicator - Discontinued

LV160 Series

High Level Indicator | LV160 Series

High Level Indicator

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1 anno di garanzia
  • Adjustable Versions for Various Tank Sizes
  • Rugged Construction
  • Standard 2" NPT Mounting


This product is no longer available. Please see LV110-Series Drum Level Indicators as a possible replacement

The LV160 Series high level indicators have a 2 NPT mounting, making them ideal for use in underground and aboveground storage tanks. When mounted vertically at the tank top, the unit reliably indicates high liquid level. The unit’s rugged construction and multiple design options make it adaptable for just about any environment. The indicator is available in brass or stainless steel, making it suitable for use with a wide range of liquids.

Adjustable versions are available for varying tank sizes. A special cinch nut on the mounting allows the stem to travel up or down to fine-tune actuation points. The extent of the adjustment depends on the unit’s length and distance from the mounting to the highest float stop. The LV160 Series is offered in integral 1 foot lengths. For other lengths, adaptor systems are available. They consist of 2 parts: the LVR-CBR coupling (2 x 2" FNPT) and an LVR-B pipe nipple (2 x 2" MNPT) of various lengths to change the insertion depth of the sensor. When using the adaptors, retaining clip pliers are required to remove the float for installation.

Wetted Materials:
    Stem and Mounting: Brass or 316 stainless steel
    Float: BUNA or 316 stainless steel
Operating Temperature: Brass w/BUNA: Water up to 82.2°C (180°F) Oil -40°C to 110°C (-40°F to 230°F). 316 SS -40°C to 148.9°C (-40°F to 300°F)
Pressure Limitations: Up to 150 psig for BUNA float units or when used with 316SS adaptors; up to 750 psig for 316SS float units.
Accuracy: ±18"
Switch Rating: 20 VA, 120-240 Vac pilot duty; 20 W, 50-240 Vdc resistive
Cable: 24" 2-Conductor PVC jacketed
Weight: 1½ lbs + ¼ lb. per foot for indicators; 1½ lbs for LVR-CB
Ordinare(Specificare il codice prodotto)
Codice prodotto/Desc.
Stock: 6 settimane
125 lb. brass coupling with 2 x 2" FNPT
Stock: 6 settimane
125 lb. Brass Pipe Nipples, 2 5/8" Insertion Length Change
Stock: 6 settimane
125 lb. Brass Pipe Nipples, 3 5/8" Insertion Length Change
Stock: 6 settimane
125 lb. Brass Pipe Nipples, 4 5/8" Insertion Length Change
Stock: 6 settimane
125 lb. Brass Pipe Nipples, 5 5/8" Insertion Length Change
Stock: 6 settimane
125 lb. Brass Pipe Nipples, 7 5/8" Insertion Length Change
Stock: 6 settimane
125 lb. Brass Pipe Nipples, 9 5/8" Insertion Length Change
Stock: 6 settimane
125 lb. Brass Pipe Nipples, 11 5/8" Insertion Length Change
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Nota: Comes complete with operator’s manual.

For units with adjustable mount, add suffix “-A” to model number, add $70 for brass units, $100 for 316 SS.


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