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6-Digit, 1/8 DIN Panel Meters with Universal or Bridge/Strain Inputs

DP63100, DP63100-S

High resolution panel meter | DP63100, DP63100-S

High resolution panel meter

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2 anni di garanzia CE
  • Universal Process, Voltage, Current, Resistance and Temperature Inputs; -S model for Strain Gauge, Load-Cell Inputs
  • Universal AC/DC Power Supply: 22 to 250 Vdc or 40 to 250 Vac
  • 6/9 Digit Dual Line/ Tri-Colour Display with 18 mm and 8.9 mm high digits
  • Programmable Units Display
  • Variable Contrast and Intensity Display
  • Up to 160 Samples Per Second Conversion Rate
  • "Plug and Play" Output Modules
  • Built-In USB Programming Port
  • IP65 (NEMA 4X) Sealed Front Lens
Misuratori di temperatura e di processo , temporizzatori e contatori - Visualizza i prodotti correlati


The DP63100 series analogue process panel meters offer many features and performance capabilities to suit a wide range of industrial applications. The DP63100 has a universal input to handle various input signals including DC voltage/current, process, resistance and temperature. The DP63100-S model is for strain Gauge/Load-Cell inputs.

The optional plug-in output cards allow the opportunity to configure the meters for present applications, while providing easy upgrades for future needs. The meters have a dual line display with a large 18 mm high, tri-colour, 6 digit top display line and a 8.9 mm high, 9 digit green bottom display line. The meter provides a MAX and MIN reading memory with programmable capture time. The capture time is used to prevent detection of false max or min readings which may occur during start-up or unusual process events.The signal totaliser (integrator) can be used to compute a time-input product. This can be used to provide a readout of totalised flow or calculate service intervals of motors, pumps, etc.

The meters have up to four setpoint outputs, implemented on plug-in option cards. The plug-in cards provide dual FORM-C relays, quad FORM-A, or either quad sinking or quad sourcing open collector logic outputs. The setpoint alarms can be configured to suit a variety of control and alarm requirements.
Communication and bus capabilities are also available as option cards. These include RS232 and RS485. The meter's can be programmed to use MODBUS® protocol. With MODBUS, the user has access to most configuration parameters. Readout values and setpoint alarm values can be controlled through the bus. Additionally, the meter has a feature that allows a remote computer to directly control the outputs of the meter. A built-in USB programming port. With a Windows® based program, configuration data can be downloaded to the unit without the need of any additional option cards.

A linear analogue DC output signal is available as an optional plug-in card. The card provides either 20 mA or 10V signals. The output can be scaled independent of the input range and can track either the input, totalizer, max or min readings. The meter has been specifically designed for harsh industrial environments. With an IP65 sealed front lens and extensive testing of noise effects and CE requirements, the meter provides a tough reliable application solution.

Display: Negative image LCD
    Top Line: 6 digit, 18 mm, with tri-colour backlight (red, green or orange)
    Display Range: -199999 to 999999;
    Bottom Line: 9 digit, 8.9 mm, with green backlight
    Display Range: -199,999,999 to 999,999,999
    AC Power: 50 to 250 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 14 VA
    DC Power: 21.6 to 250 Vdc, 8 W
    Isolation: 2300 Vrms for 1 min to all inputs and outputs. KEYPAD: 3 programmable function keys, 5 keys total
A/D Converter: 24 bit resolution
Update Rates: A/D conversion rate; programmable 5 to 160 readings/sec

Thermocouple Inputs
    Scale: °F or °C
    Offset Range: -199,999 to 999,999 display units
    Input Impedance: 20 MO
    Lead Resistance Effect: 0.03 µV/Ω
Max Continuous Overvoltage: 30V

RTD Inputs
Type: 3 or 4 wire, 2 wire can be compensated for lead wire resistance
Excitation Current: 100 Ω
    Range: 136.5 µA ±10%
10 Ω Range: 2.05 mA ±10%
Lead Resistance: 100 Ω
    Range: 10 Ω/lead max
10 Ω Range: 3 Ω/lead max
Max Continuous Overload: 30V
Excitation Power: Jumper selectable
Transmitter Power: ±18 Vdc @ 50 mA
Reference Voltage: ±2 Vdc, ±2%

User Inputs
Two Programmable User Inputs Max Continuous Input:
30 Vdc
Isolation to Sensor Input Common: Not isolated
Response Time: 12 msec max

Time Base: Second, minute, hour, or day
Batch: Can accumulate (gate) input display from a user input
Time Accuracy: 0.01% typical
Decimal Point: 0 to 0.0000
Scale Factor: 0.001 to 65.000
Low Signal Cut-Out: -199,999 to 999,999
Total: 6 digits on line 1; 9 digits on line 2

Custom Linearization
Data Point Pairs: Selectable from 2 to 16
Display Range: -199,999 to 999,999
Decimal Point: 0 to 0.0000
Memory: Nonvolatile FRAM memory retains all programmable parameters and display values

Environmental Conditions
Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 50°C or 0 to 45°C with all three plug-in cards installed
Storage Temperature Range: -40 to 60°C
Operating and Storage Humidity: 0 to 85% max RH non-condensing
Altitude: Up to 2000 m
Connections: High compression age-clamp terminal block
Construction: This unit is rated for NEMA 4X (IP65) outdoor use IP20 touch safe. Installation Category II, pollution degree 2. One piece bezel/case. Flame resistant. Synthetic rubber keypad. Panel gasket and mounting clip included.
    Case: 44.45 H x 91.44 W x 105 mm D
    Bezel: 49.53 x 96.52 mm
    Panel Cutout: 1/8 DIN, 45 x 92 mm
Weight: 226.8 g

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1/8 DIN, 6-digit, universal process panel meter
Stock: 1 settimana
1/8 DIN, 6-digit, load-Cell/Strain input panel meter
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Dual setpoint relay output card
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Stock: 1 settimana
Quad setpoint relay output card
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Quad setpoint sinking open collector output card
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Stock: 1 settimana
Quad setpoint sourcing open collector output card
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Stock: 1 settimana
Analogue output card
Stock: 1 settimana
RS485 serial communications output card with terminal block
Stock: 1 settimana
Extended RS485 serial communications output card with dual RJ11 connector
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Stock: 1 settimana
RS232 serial communications output card with terminal block
Stock: 1 settimana
Extended RS232 serial communications output card with 9 pin D connector
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Nota: Comes complete with operator’s manual.
Adding option cards to meters can be fitted with up to three optional plug-in cards. However, only one card from each function type can be installed at a time. The function types include Setpoint Alarms, Communications, and Analog Output. The cards can be installed initially or at a later date. Each optional plug-in card is shipped with installation and programming instructions.
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