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Portable Low Cost Data loggers, Part of the Nomad® Family

OM-PL Series

Portable Low Cost Data loggers | OM-PL Series

Portable Low Cost Data loggers

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  • Portable Low Cost Data loggers to Measure and Record Temperature, Relative Humidity, Pressure, 4 to 20 mA, AC Voltage and AC Current
  • Selectable Sample Rate: 1 Second to 18 Hours (1 Second Increments)
  • Real Time Data Monitoring
  • High/Low Alarm Threshold Settings
  • Visual Alarm Indication
  • User Selectable Recording Start (Specified Date and Time, Immediate After Setup or on Door Close)
  • 20 Month Battery Life (at 1 Minute Sample Rate)
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The data logers of the OM-PL Series are versatile devices that can be used for a wide range of logging applications. Each data logger is capable of sampling data as fast as once per second or as slow as once every 18 hours. The data logger can stop recording when memory becomes full, or rollover for continuous recording. The start of recording is software selectable to be immediate, delayed, or initiated when the datalogger door is closed. The data loggers can also be used to monitor high and low alarm events, that indicate if the recorded data passed above and/or below the user selected threshold. The alarm events are stored separately from the data samples and are not affected by data rollover. When the recorded data passes the high or the low alarm threshold, the data logger records the time of the alarm. When the recorded data returns to within the acceptable range, the data logger records the duration of the alarm. Up to 50 such alarm events can be recorded. The datalogger has a visual indication of an alarm condition without the need to connect to the computer.

The data loggers have an internal real time clock/calendar. This real time clock is used to record the time stamps for data samples and alarm events. This real time clock is independent of your computer clock, and can be set separately, or set to match your computer clock. The data loggers provide a high level of data security. They have physical security, where the data access door is locked, and software security. It is virtually impossible to falsify the sample data or alarm information of the OM-PL Series dataloggers. The data loggers are extremely low power. Under normal operating conditions, a 9 volt alkaline battery will last from 18 months to 2 years.

OM-PL Series data loggers have the capacity to store over 10,000 readings. Simply connect the datalogger to your PC’s serial port and use the available Windows software to set up the parameters for your recording session. Once the datalogger is set up you can disconnect it and put it in the field to record data. The data logger door can be locked on to prevent accidental or intentional disruptions of the recording session. When recording is completed, reconnect the data logger to your PC and download the recorded data using the Windows software. The Windows software allows you to view recorded data in text or graphical format. Models are available to record temperature and pressure (OM-PLPT) and AC current and voltage (OM-PLCV).

Operating Temperature Range (Datalogger):

0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F) using alkaline battery;
-40 to 65°C (-40 to 150°F) using lithium battery
Humidity: 0 to 95% RH, non-condensing
Storage Temperature: -40 to 77°C (-40 to 170°F)
Time Accuracy: ±100 ppm @ 75°F
Power: 9 V alkaline or lithium battery
Battery Life (average use): 20 months using alkaline battery,
40 months using lithium battery
Dimensions: 7.6 x 6.4 x 2.8 cm (3 x 2.5 x 1.1")
Weight: 71 g (2.5 oz)
Software: WIN98/NT/2000/XP/VISTA 32-bit (VISTA 32-bit version only; VISTA 64-bit is not supported)
Measurement Interval: 1 sec to 18 hrs
(selectable in 1 second increments)
Computer Interface: RS-232 standard;
for computers with only a USB port,
use model no. OM-PL-USBS (RS-232/USB adaptor)

two external channels;
temperature and pressure
Sample Point Capacity:
21,500 points for temperature or pressure;
10,750 points for both pressure and temperature
Alarms: high and low alarms
for temperature and pressure
Temperature Range: -40 to 65°C (-40 to 150°F)
Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5°C (±1°F)
Resolution: 0.05°C (0.1°F)
Temperature Probe: -40 to 65°C (-40 to 150°F)
Pressure Range: 0 to 500 psi
Pressure Accuracy: ±3 psi
Pressure Resolution: 0.15 psi
Pressure Sensor: stainless steel sensor 1.8 m (6') cable,
1/4" NPT male pressure port
Operating Temperature Range (Pressure Sensor):
0 to 54°C (32 to 130°F)
Calibration: single point offset calibration available through software;
pressure is factory calibrated


two channels, one for AC current (measured
using supplied current probe), and one for AC voltage
Sample Point Capacity: 21,500 points for current or voltage;
10,750 points for both current and voltage Alarms:
high and low alarms for current and voltage
Current Range: 0 to 300 Aac
Current Accuracy: ±5%
Current Resolution: 0.1 Aac
Voltage Range: 0 to 500 Vac
Voltage Accuracy: ±1 Vac
Voltage Resolution: 0.1 Vac
Calibration: single point offset calibration available through software; current and voltage are factory calibrated

Sampling Interval:
User selectable from 1 second to 18 hours,
in 1 second increments
Interface: COM (RS232) serial port. Software supports COM1 through COM8. Optional USB interface (model no. OM-PL-USBS).
Alarms: Visual alarms with user selectable low
and high thresholds for every channel
Alarm Memory: Up to 50 alarm events.
Alarm start time and alarm duration is stored
Data Security: Locking sliding door prevents physical access to the logger data. Unique factory set logger ID.Data collection session counter
Compatibility: WIN98/NT/2000/XP/VISTA 32-bit (VISTA 32-bit version only; VISTA 64-bit is not supported)
Minimum System Requirements: 8MB of RAM, 2M
of disk space, 800 x 600 resolution, 1 free COM port or a free USB port
(optional USB interface is required: model no. OM-PL-USBS)
Recording Start: On door close,
immediate after setup, or at a user specified date and time
Recording Mode: Stop on memory full,
or continuous recording with memory rollover
Real Time Status: Visual indication through the status LED. User selectable
status display frequency and LED brightness, Software real time status
User Calibration: Password protected calibration for each channel
User Message: Up to 30 characters
Logger Channels: User selectable. Disabling channels increases
the storage capacity of the other channels
Units: US and Metric (user selectable units)
Data Format: Custom format exportable to text or Excel spreadsheet.
Real Time Monitoring: Logger can be permanently connected to the computer
and used as a real time, multichannel sensor with logging capability.
Battery does not drain when logger is connected to the computer

Images of OM-PL Data loggers
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Pressure and temperature data logger
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AC current and voltage data logger
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Windows software, 1.8 m (6') RS-232 cable and adaptor
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USB to RS-232 converter
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Nota: All dataloggers are supplied with complete operator’s manual.
Model OM-PLPT includes one external temperature sensor (4.5 m cable, epoxy coated tip) and one pressure transducer (1.8 m cable, stainless steel pressure transducer with 1/4" NPT male pressure port).
Model OM-PLCV includes ac current clamp and set of voltage test leads.
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