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Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter


Guided Wave Radar | Radar Level | Level Transmitter | LVRD10

Guided Wave Radar | Radar Level | Level Transmitter

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1 anno di garanzia CE
  • Fail-Safe Diagnostics with Selectable Signal Fail-Safe Output
  • Recognition, Storage and Rejection of False Echo Signals
  • IP66 Rated Aluminium Enclosure (Nema 4)
  • 316L SS Antenna and Mount
  • Simple Configuration Via Free Software
  • Guided Wave Radar is Unaffected By Vapour or Condensation
  • 10 cm Dead Band Enables Utilization of the Entire Tank
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The LVRD10 Series of general purpose guided wave radar level transmitters provide continuous level measurement with a 4 to 20 mA signal output. Offered in three probe (rod, coaxial or cable) configurations up to 3 metres long for the rod and coaxial and 5.5 m for the cable design. The sensor is configured using the easy, yet powerful software (free download at OMEGA).

The contact liquid level sensor is intended for low corrosive chemical, waste, oil or water storage applications in above grade metal or reinforced concrete tanks or below grade tanks of any material. Select the sensor for easy application conditions with light agitation, condensation or vapor, and installation in a tank adapter or flange fitting.

Range: Rod/coaxial; 3.0 m (9.8')
Cable: 5.5 m (18.0')
Dead Band: 10 cm (4")
Accuracy: ±3 mm (0.118")
Repeatability: < 2 mm (0.08")
Resolution: < 1 mm (0.04")
Dielectric Constant: > 2
Configuration: PC Windows® USB 2.0
Supply Voltage: 10 to 30 Vdc
Signal Output: 4 to 20 mA, 3-wire, 22 mA maximum
Consumption: < 50 mA at 24 Vdc
Signal Fail Safe: 4 to 20 mA, 21 mA or hold last value
Process Temperature: -40 to 150°C (-40 to 302°F)
Pressure: -1 to 17 bar (-14.5 to 250 psi)
Enclosure: Aluminum with single conduit
Enclosure Rating: NEMA 4 (IP66)
Conduit Entrance: ½ NPT
Antenna Material: 316L SS
Feed Through Material: 316L SS and peek
Process Mount: ¾ NPT or ¾ G
Classification: General purpose
Compliance: CE, RoHS
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Stock: 9 settimane
Guided wave radar level transmitter, Probe Style Single rod, Mounting ¾ NPT, Range 3 metres, Weight 6.8 kg
Stock: 15 settimane
Guided wave radar level transmitter, Probe Style Coaxial, Mounting ¾ NPT, Range 3 metres, Weight 9.1 kg
Stock: 15 settimane
Guided wave radar level transmitter, Probe Style Cable/weight, Mounting ¾ NPT, Range 5.5 m, Weight 6.8 kg
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Nota: Comes complete with free software download and operator’s manual.
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