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Industrial Plastic Pipe Clamp HANI Temperature Sensor


Industrial Plastic Pipe Clamp HANI Temperature Sensor | HTS-HANI-CLAMP-P

Industrial Plastic Pipe Clamp HANI Temperature Sensor

616,98 HANI-C-1.0I-P-MA

  • Non-invasive temperature measurement
  • Installation in seconds, no tools required
  • Clamps to outside of pipe, measures fluid inside of pipe
  • Accuracy comparable to an invasive sensor, ±1.5°C
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Ease of Installation

Install your HANI™ Clamp Sensor in seconds

Omega’s innovative clamp-on design makes sensor installation easy. Unlike invasive sensors, the HANI™ Clamp Sensor mounts to the outside of an industrial plastic pipe and measures the temperature of the process media inside the pipe.

  • • No drilling
  • • No cutting
  • • No downtime

Need to relocate the sensor? Un-clamp and go!

High Accuracy & Fast Response Times

Performs like an invasive sensor.

Omega’s patent pending Hybrid Temperature Sensing platform uses multiple sensors and a proprietary algorithm to achieve steady state accuracy comparable to invasive sensors and faster response times than surface sensors.

• Accuracy for industrial plastic pipes: ±1.5°C

Industrial pipes have a wide variety of tolerances, surface finishes, and coatings which can affect the accuracy. An in-situation user calibration can be done to improve the accuracy for your specific application. Use the free Omega Sync software to do a 1 or 2-point calibration with the HANI™ Clamp Sensor and an in-place immersion sensor. See the user manual for additional details.

Non-Invasive & Non-Contact Operation

No penetration, no risk of contamination

The HANI™ Clamp Sensor never comes into contact with the process media flowing through the pipe. There is no risk of buildup, sensor wear or breakage from high flow rates, corrosive/abrasive liquids, wake frequency and water hammer.


Ensure you select the right sensor for your system

Industrial pipes have different outer and inner diameters, make sure you pick the correct sensor for your application.






Pipe Type OD (Outer Diameter) ID (Inner Diameter) Wall Thickness Schedule
1.0” Industrial Pipe 1.315” 1.049” 0.133” 40
2.0” Industrial Pipe 2.375” 2.067” 0.154” 40
1.0” Industrial Pipe 1.315” 0.957” 0.179” 80
2.0” Industrial Pipe 2.375” 1.939” 0.218” 80

Common Applications

New and retrofitting existing systems

Lower the total cost of ownership and reduce contamination risk without sacrificing performance by upgrading to a HANI™ Clamp Sensor.

Quality control & ad-hoc sensing

Clamp-on the sensor in seconds and connect to your laptop or PC for readings anytime - anywhere.

Verify existing invasive sensors

With accuracies comparable to most state-of-the-art invasive sensors, the HANI™ Clamp Sensor can easily be placed next to an invasive sensor to verify the accuracy or determine the drift of the invasive sensor.

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