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Panel Meter for Frequency, Rate, Total or Period Counter, 6-Digit, ⅛ DIN


Frequency panel meter | DPF20

Frequency panel meter

232,12 DPF20-HV

5 Anni di Garanzia CE
  • Dual Channel (A + B + Reset)
  • Option for Wall Mounting
  • IP65 (NEMA 4) Front Panel
  • Power Options of (85 to 260 Vac/dc) and (11 to 60 Vdc or 24/48 Vac)
  • Excitation Power Supply of 5 to 18 Vdc @ 70 mA
  • Optional Outputs: Modbus®, Up to 6 Relays, Analog, SSR Drive, RS485 and RS232
  • Applications
  • Industrial Flow Rate or Total Indication and Alarm or Control
  • Angular Position or RPM Indication (with Quadrature Sensor)
  • Product/Piece Counting or Production Rate Indication
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Omega’s new DPF20 Series of indicators offer real flexibility for measurement of a wide range of frequency or pulse inputs. The display is easily configured to indicate frequency, rate, period or count. This makes the meter ideal for flow applications where they can display flow rate or total from a variety of different flow sensors. Or for quadrature signals, to indicate angular position or rotational speed and direction.

The DPF20 series offers exceptional performance at an economical price, with some unique and powerful features.





Multiply, divide and preset values




  1. configure a second setpoint in the same alarm, to create “alarm windows”
  2. configure independent activation and deactivation delays
  3. configure hysteresis
  4. configure alarm to activate as high or low
  5. failsafe function – normally closed relay requires activation for non-alarm condition
  6. latched alarms function – operator reset required
  7. Counter Reset, Stop or Continue
  8. Configurable hysteresis

On power Up

Allows for a delay in the start-up time after powering the instrument. During this time the instrument performs no measurement or control.
Ability to reset the display count on instrument start-up.

Display Brightness

Select from 5 levels of LED intensity.


Password protect the configuration menu.
This blocks access to the instrument set-up parameters, but the operator can still access set-point values.

Max / min memory

Front panel key selection of display minimum or maximum values

Sensor Type

The fast and simple way to configure a sensor. Select from a predefined list Eg. NPN, PNP, Namur, pick-up, inductive, etc.
The instrument will automatically configure the required parameters for the selected sensor (pull-up / pull-down resistors, trigger level, excitation voltage, etc)

Trigger sense

Simple selection of the optimal trigger level for the sensor input. The display indicates up or down reflecting the status of the input signal level. When the LED changes state continuously the optimal trigger level has been achieved.

Main Functions: Counter, ratemeter, period meter
Display Digits: 6
Display Range: 999999/-199999
Decimal Point: Configurable
LED Color: Red standard; green optional
Digit Height: 14.2 mm
Signals Accepted: NPN, PNP, Namur, pick-up, TTL, inductive, mechanical, quadrature
Excitation Voltage: 5 Vdc, 9 Vdc, 15 Vdc, 18 Vdc (max. 70 mA)
Maximum Vdc at Input Terminals: ±30 Vdc
Input Impedance: 2.4 kΩ with pull-up or pull-down resistor; 470 kΩ without resistor
Quartz Accuracy: ±0.01%
Thermal Stability: 20 ppm/ºC
Display Refresh: 15/second
Maximum Frequencies:
    Counter: Up to 250 KHz
    Ratemeter and Period Meter: Up to 500 KHz
Minimum Frequencies: Down to 1 mHz (0.001 Hz) (ratemeter and period meter)
Standard Power: 85 to 265 Vac/DC (isolated 2,500 Vac)
Low Power: 11 to 60 Vdc and 24/48 Vac (isolated 1500 Vac)
Power Consumption: <1.5 W (meter only); < 4.0 W (meter with options)
Connections: Plug-in screw terminal
Slow Function: For low frequency rate meter applications
Fast Function: For high frequency counter applications
Scaling Factor: Multiplier and divider from 1 to 999999
Configurable Reset: Front panel and rear remote reset, and reset linked to alarm activation
Preset: Configurable
Retention Memory: Recovers count value in case of power loss
Dimensions and Environment
Weight: <150 grams
Front Panel Size: 96 x 48 mm
Panel Cut-Out: 92 x 44 mm
Depth Behind Panel: 91 mm including terminals
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50ºC
Storage Temperature: -20 to 70ºC
Warm Up: 15 minutes
Front Panel Protection: IP65 (NEMA 4)

Optional DP20-WME wall-mount enclosure. Shown with DP20 and SPC18 splash proof front cover fitted (not included). DP20-WME Wall-mount enclosure pdf data sheet

Optional DP20-BTC ABS bench-top case with tilt stand.
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Codice prodotto/Desc.
High Voltage, 85 to 260 Vac Powered Frequency Meters
Stock: 8 settimane
Frequency panel meter, 85 to 260 Vac powered
Stock: 8 settimane
Frequency panel meter, 85 to 260 Vac powered, with 1 relay output
Stock: 8 settimane
Frequency panel meter, 85 to 260 Vac powered, with dual relay outputs
Stock: 8 settimane
Frequency panel meter, 85 to 260 Vac powered, with 1 analog output
Stock: 8 settimane
Frequency panel meter, 85 to 260 Vac powered, with 1 relay and 1 analog output
Low Voltage, 11 to 60 Vdc Powered Frequency Meters
Stock: 8 settimane
Frequency panel meter, 11 to 60 Vdc powered
Stock: 8 settimane
Frequency panel meter, 11 to 60 Vdc powered, with 1 relay output
Stock: 7 settimane
Frequency panel meter, 11 to 60 Vdc powered, with dual relay outputs
Stock: 8 settimane
Frequency panel meter, 11 to 60 Vdc powered, with 1 analog output
Plug-in Option Cards
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Stock: In magazzino
Analog output card
Stock: In magazzino
Modbus RTU card
Stock: 8 settimane
RS485 ASCII card
Stock: 8 settimane
RS232 ASCII card
Stock: 1 settimana
Open collector output card
Stock: 1 settimana
SSR drive (DC pulse) card
Stock: 8 settimane
Single relay output card
Stock: 8 settimane
4 relay output card
Stock: 1 settimana
6 relay output card
Consultare l'Ufficio Commerciale  
Bench-top ABS plastic case with handle/tilt stand for 1/8 DIN panel meters. 154 W (with handle) x 73 H x 174 mm D. Includes 4 cable glands on rear panel
Consultare l'Ufficio Commerciale  
IP65 wall-mount ABS enclosure, 175 W x 125 H x 125 mm D with 2 glands for cable entry.
Stock: In magazzino
IP65 Splash proof lens cover for 1/8 DIN panel meters (DPF20 meter lens is IP65 as standard but this gives extra protection and prevents button access)
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Nota: To order with optional green display add suffix “-GN” to meter model number. Contact sales for pricing. Additional 2 weeks delivery.
To order with plain front lens (no operator access to buttons) add suffix “-NBT” to meter model number. Contact sales for pricing.
Comes with unit of measurement stickers, panel mounting clips, and installation/operator’s manual.

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Descrizione delle opzioni:

(1) Power Seleziona da:
HV per 85 to 260 Vac powered
LV per 11 to 60 Vdc powered

(2) Output and Communications Options Seleziona da:
Niente (lasciare il campo vuoto) per no options
-AO per scalable analog output
-R1 per 1 relay
-R1-R1 per 2 relays
-R1-R1-R1 per 3 relays
-R1-AO per 1 relay & analog output
-R1-R1-RTU per 2 relays & MODBUS communications
Nota: Non tutte le combinazioni possono essere valide, controlla il foglio delle specifiche per codici prodotti corretti.
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