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Submersible Pressure Transducers

PXM709GW Series

PXM709GW Series Submersible Pressure Transducer | PXM709GW Series

PXM709GW Series Submersible Pressure Transducer

764,51 PXM709GW-002BGI

  • Precision MicroMachined Silicon Sensor
  • 5-Point NIST Traceable Calibration
  • Lightning/Surge Protection Available on Amplified Models
  • 316L SS Case and Diaphragm
  • Fused Polyurethane Cable
  • Premium Temperature Performance
  • Broad Compensated Temperature Range
  • 0.20% Standard Accuracy or Optional 0.08% High Accuracy Models for Precise Depth Measurement
  • Available in Gauge Pressure: Vented to Atmosphere Through the Cable; Sealed Gauge: Not Vented to Atmosphere; or Absolute Pressure: Vacuum Reference
  • Reverse Polarity Protected
  • Protective Nose Cone and Desiccant Available
  • Standard or Custom Cable Lengths
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The PXM709GW Series Submersible Depth Transducers are designed to make precision level or depth measurements in fresh water or liquids compatible with 316 SS reliably for years in harsh industrial environments. Applications include Level Monitoring and Control, Depth Measurement, Surface Water Monitoring, Tank Level, Well Water Depth, Waste Water Applications, Dewatering Installations and Land Fill Water Levels .

Inconel® models are also available for oceanic research and highly corrosive or salt water applications. Consult Sales for availability.

The PXM709 series has the proven Omega MicroMachined silicon technology as its core sensor. The Piezoresistive technology uses precision solid state strain gauges molecularly embedded into a highly stable silicon wafer. The silicon is mounted in a sealed chamber and protected from the environmental fluids by a pressure sensitive stainless steel diaphragm. A very small volume of silicone oil transfers the pressure from the diaphragm to the silicon sensor. The cable is moulded onto the case using a unique high pressure, high temperature system to assure the best possible quality seal for long life and durability. This technology produces a very rugged, high stability sensor with exceptional accuracy, minimal thermal effects and long term reliability.

Approvals: RoHS compliant
Accuracy (Combined Linearity, Hysteresis and Repeatability): Standard ±0.20% BSL or high accuracy, option “HH”, ±0.08% BSL
Setting Accuracy Zero: ± 0.5% full scale typical, ± 1.0% full scale maximum (± 1.0% full scale typical, ± 2.0% full scale maximum for ranges = 170 mbar)
Setting Accuracy Span: ± 0.5% full scale typical, ± 1.0% full scale maximum (± 1.0% full scale typical, ± 2.0% full scale maximum for ranges = 170 mbar) calibrated in vertical direction with fitting down
Minimum Resistance Between Transducer Body and Any Wire: 100M Ω @ 50 Vdc (before surge protection)
Pressure Cycles: 1 million minimum
Long Term Stability (1 Year.): ±0.1% full scale typical
Operating Temperature: -18 to 79°C (0 to 175°F) with no solid freeze
Compensated Temperature: -1 to 88°C (30 to 190°F)
Thermal Effects (Over Compensated Range):
Zero Balance:
    Ranges >350 mbar (3.6 mH2O): ±0.3% span
    Ranges ≤350 mbar (3.6 mH2O): ±0.5% span
Span Setting:
    Ranges >350 mbar (3.6 mH2O): ±0.3% span
    Ranges ≤350 mbar (3.6 mH2O): ±0.5% span
Bandwidth: DC to 1 kHz typical
Response Time: <500 µsec, 0 to 90% step change
CE Compliant: Meets EN 61326-1: 2006 for industrial locations [certified with 91 m (300')]
Lightning Protection Option (if included): Integral lightning surge protection to IEC-61000-4-5 (Level 4)
Shock: 50 g, 11 ms, half-sine horizontal and vertical axis
Vibration: ± 20 g
    Gauge and Sealed Gauge:
    25 mbar (250 mmH2O): 10 times span
    70 mbar (0.7 mH2O): 6 times span
    170 mbar to 70 bar (1.7 to 714 mH2O) : 4 times span
Absolute: 350 mbar (3.6 mH2O) : 6 times span ranges
    >350 mbar (3.6 mH2O): 4 times span
Containment Pressure
    Gauge Pressure:
    25 to 350 mbar (0.25 to 3.6 mH2O): To 70 bar
    1 to 70 bar (10 to 714 mH2O): To 200 bar
    Absolute Pressure: 350 mbar to 70 bar (3.6 to 714 mH2O): To 400 bar
Wetted Parts: 316L stainless steel
Body Material: 316L stainless steel
Pressure Connection: 9/16-18 UNF female
Transducer Weight: 285 g (10 oz) typical depending upon configuration
Cable Construction: Polyurethane jacket with double Kevlar® reinforcing stringers, fused to case, with large vent tube
Cable Pull Strength: 109 kg (240 lb)
Cable Conductors: Four 24 AWG (19/36 stranded tinned copper) with ETFE insulation; meets MIL-W-22759/16 & SAE AS22759/16
Cable Sealing: Fused to case via molded Neoprene boot rated to 610 m (2000') depth
Standard Cable Lengths (metres): 3, 4.6, 6, 7.5, 9, 12, 15, 18, 20, 22.5, 30.5, 45, and 90 for other lengths contact Sales for lead times

Ordinare(Specificare il codice prodotto)
Codice prodotto/Desc.
Submersible Pressure Transmitter Standard Models, Accuracy 0.2%, 4-20 mA Output, 3 m Cable Length Standard, Gauge Reference
Stock: 4 settimane
0-25 mbar, 0-0.255 mH2O (0-10 inH2O) range
Stock: 4 settimane
0-70 mbar, 0-0.71 mH2O (0-27.56 inH2O) range
Stock: 4 settimane
0-170 mbar, 0-1.73 mH2O (0-5.58 ftH2O) range
Stock: 4 settimane
0-170 mbar, 0-1.73 mH2O (0-5.58 ftH2O) range, 4.5m (15 ft) Cable
Stock: 6 settimane
0-350 mbar,0-3.57 mH2O (0-11.7 ftH2O) range, 6m (20 ft) Cable
Stock: 4 settimane
0-1 bar, 0-10.2 mH2O (0-33.46 ftH2O) range
Stock: 4 settimane
0-1 bar, 0-10.2 mH2O (0-33.46 ftH2O) range, 12 m (40 ft)Cable
Stock: 4 settimane
0-2 bar, 0-20.4 mH2O (0-66.9 ftH2O) range, 22.5 m (74 ft)Cable
Submersible Pressure Transmitter with LIGHTNING /SURGE PROTECTION, Accuracy 0.2%, 4-20 mA Output, 3 m (10ft) Cable Length Standard, Gauge Reference
Stock: 4 settimane
0-350 mbar,0-3.57 mH2O (0-11.7 ftH2O) range, 6m (20 ft) Cable
Stock: 4 settimane
0-700 mbar,0-7.1 mH2O (0-23.4 ftH2O) range, 9m (30 ft) Cable
Stock: 4 settimane
0-2 bar, 0-20.4 mH2O (0-66.9 ftH2O) range, 22.5 m (74 ft)Cable
Waterproof Connection Boxes
Stock: 7 settimane
Waterproof enclosure with no surge protection
Stock: 1 settimana
Waterproof enclosure with surge protection for mA Output models
Stock: 5 settimane
Waterproof enclosure with surge protection for 5V/10V Output models
Stock: 1 settimana
Replacement Dessicant to keep moisture out of vent tube.
Stock: 4 settimane
6-digit high accuracy (0.005%) Process Meter for use with Amplified Pressure Transducers. 230Vac powered

Ordina per Codice Prodotto

Codice prodotto
Codice prodotto

Tutti gli importi indicati in EUR
Nota: 1) Comes complete with 5-point NIST traceable calibration certificate.
2) To order with additional cable length, specify total length in meters, additional cost for length over 3 meters. i.e. PXM709GW-001BGI-12M (12 meter cable).
3) To order with optional 0.08% FS accuracy for extra cost, insert code “-HH” after “I”. I.E. PXM709GW-3.5BGI-HH.
4) To order with ½ NPT Conduit fitting for extra cost, specifiy Model PXM709C. i.e.PXM709CGW-170HGI.
5) To order with optional Lightning/Surge protection for extra cost, specify Model PXM709LGW, i.e. PXM709LGW-001BGI.

Combinare codice prodotto

Costruisci il Tuo Codice Prodotto Qui Sotto
Descrizione delle opzioni:

(1) Termination Seleziona da:
PXM709 per Waterproof Cable
PXM709C per Waterproof Cable and 1/2 NPT Conduit Fitting

(2) Lighting/Surge Protection (Amplified Models only) Seleziona da:
GW per no protection
LGW per Lightning/Surge Protection

(3) Pressure Range (mbar & bar) - Gauge Pressure is availalbe in all ranges
Sealed Gauge is available from 71 to 714 mH2O (7 to 70 bar)
Absolute is available from 3.6 to 714 mH2O (0.35 to 70 bar)
Seleziona da:
-025H per 0-0.25 mH2O (0-10 inH2O)
-070H per 0-0.7 mH2O (0-27.56 inH2O)
-170H per 0-1.73 mH2O (0-5.58 ftH2O)
-350H per 0-3.57 mH2O (0-11.7 ftH2O)
-700H per 0-7.14 mH2O (0-23.4 ftH2O)
-001B per 0-10.2 mH2O (0-33.5 ftH2O)
-002B per 0-20.4 mH2O (0-66.9 ftH2O)
-3.5B per 0-35.7 mH2O (0-117 ftH2O)
-007B per 0-71.4 mH2O (0-234 ftH2O)
-010B per 0-102 mH2O (0-334 ftH2O)
-17.5B per 0-178.5 mH2O (0-585 ftH2O)
-035B per 0-357 mH2O (0-1171 ftH2O)
-050B per 0-510 mH2O (0-1163 ftH2O)
-070B per 0-714 mH2O (0-2342 ftH2O)

(4) Pressure Type Seleziona da:
G per Gauge Pressure
SG per Sealed Gauge Pressure
A per Absolute Pressure

(5) Output Seleziona da:
V per 3 mV/V ratiometric output
5V per 0 to 5 Vdc output
10V per 0 to 10 Vdc output
I per 4 to 20 mA output

(6) Accuracy Options (Standard Accuracy 0.2%) Seleziona da:
-HH per High (0.08%) Accuracy

(7) Optional Cable Lengths (Standard Length = 3 metres (10 ft) Seleziona da:
-4.5M per 4.5 m (15 ft) cable
-6M per 6 m (20 ft) cable
-7.5M per 7.5 m (25 ft) cable
-9M per 9 m (30 ft) cable
-12M per 12 m (40 ft) cable
-15M per 15 m (50 ft) cable
-18M per 18 m (60 ft) cable
-20M per 20 m (65 ft) cable
-22.5M per 22.5 m (74 ft) cable
-30M per 30 m (100 ft) cable
-45M per 45 m (150 ft) cable
-91M per 91 m (300 ft) cable
Nota: Non tutte le combinazioni possono essere valide, controlla il foglio delle specifiche per codici prodotti corretti.
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