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  Discontinued - High Accuracy Full Bridge Output Pressure Transducer


 | PX931

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  • As an alternative see the PX02 series or the “Pressure Transducer Builder”

  • Rugged Stainless Steel Case Protects Components for Industrial Environments
  • Stainless Steel Diaphragm Welded For Compatibility with Most Media
  • Connects to a PT06F-10-6S-R Connector for Easy Field Connections
  • Uses a Standard 10V dc Regulated Power Supply for Maximum Versatility
  • 1 /4 NPT Process Fitting For Fast, Easy and Secure Installation
  • Excellent Temperature Stability
  • Units 100 psi and below are vented gage for high precision
  • NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate
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This item is being discontinued.


Excitation: 10 Vdc (15 Vdc max.)

@30 mA

Output: 30 mV ±0.25% @10 Vdc

Sensitivity: 3 mV/V

Input Impedance: 360 Ω min

Output Resistance: 350 Ω ±5

Insulation Resistance: > 5 M

@ 75 Vdc

Accuracy: 0.15%

Hysteresis: ±0.10%

Repeatability: ±0.05%

Zero Balance: ±1.0%

Shunt Cal: 59 K

Operable Temperature Range:

-100 to 325°F (-73 to 163°C)

Compensated Temperature Range:

60 to 160°F (16 to 71°C)

Thermal Zero Effect:

± 0.005% full scale/°F

Thermal Sensitivity Effect:

±0.005% Reading/°F

Proof Pressure: 150% range

Burst Pressure: 300% range

Body Material: 17-4 PH Stainless Steel,

hermetically sealed

Diaphragm Material: 17-4 PH Stainless


Pressure Port: 1/4 -18 NPT

Male Thread 10 to 1,000 psi,

Female Thread 3,000 to 7500 psi)

Mating Connector PT06F-10-6S-R

(not included)

Pressure Cavity Volume: 0.171 in3

Weight: 10 oz (29 g)

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Nota: Models with ranges 1000 psi and less have 1/4-18 NPT male fitting. Ranges 3000 psi and up have 1/4-18 NPT female fitting.
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