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Low Cost, Single Use Temperature Loggers with USB/pdf Output

OM-21A Series

Low cost temperature loggers for cold-chain and transit | OM-21A Series

Low cost temperature loggers for cold-chain and transit

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1 anno di garanzia CE
  • Low cost - Price is for 10 Pieces
  • 6-Mark Points Supported
  • Generates a PDF Report Without Any Software
  • One Button to Start or Stop
  • LED Status and Alarm Indication
  • EN12830, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
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The OM-21A-SERIES has been discontinued. Please see OM-21-10PK for a replacement.

The New OM-21A PDF data loggers are ideal for monitoring the temperature of perishable goods and sensitive equipment during transportation and storage. Simple operation to start and stop recording by pressing a button. True plug and play: generates a pdf data report by plugging into the USB slot on any computer. No software or drivers are required.

EN 12830 compliant temperature recorder, suitable for temperature recording during the transport, storage and distribution of temperature sensitive goods such as chilled, frozen and deep-frozen food and ice cream.

Up to 6 mark points can be manually entered at the press of a button whilst logging, the RED LED flashes once to indicate a point has been marked. This can be useful for identifying when packaging may have been opened or the item moved from transport to storage etc.

Use Type: Single-use
Accuracy: ±0.5ºC
Resolution: 0.1ºC
Measuring Range: -30 to 70ºC
Data Storage Capacity: 8640 Data Points
Sample Interval: OM-21A-R1-10PK Default as 10 mins; OM-21A-R2-10PK Default as 1 min; OM-21A-P-10PK User Configurable between 10 sec to 18 hours
Run Days: 1 to 360 days
High and Low Alarm: OM-21A-R1/R2-10PK Default as Low Limit 2ºC & High Limit 8ºC; OM-21A-P-10PK User Configurable
Alarm Delay: OM-21A-R1/R2-10PK Default as 10 mins; OM-21A-P-10PK User configurable between 0 to 960 min
Alarm Type: Single type
Start Delay: OM-21A-R1/R2-10PK Default as 0 mins; OM-21A-P-10PK User configurable between 0 to 254 min
Start Mode: By button
Stop Mode: By button; Memory full; When Plugged in to USB
Operation Environment: -30 to 70ºC
Storage Environment: -30 to 70ºC
Size/Weight/Case Material: 62 mm x 27 mm x 4 mm/10g
Protection Class: IP67 with Protection Bag
Standards/Certificates: CE, ROHS, EN12830
Communication Interface: USB 2.0
Power Supply: Battery CR2032
Shelf Life: 2 Year
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Nota: The programmable model OM-21A-P-10PK allows end user to configure the Sampling Rate, Alarm Range and Delay Times with the free to download software.
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