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 - Discontinued High Output Accelerometers


High Output Accelerometers | ACC141A-2

High Output Accelerometers

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  • Excellent Static and Dynamic Response
  • Gas Damping with Minimal Temperature Effect
  • High Output Signal
  • High Overload Capacity (2000 G Static)
  • Low Transverse Sensitivity (0.012 G/G)
  • Wide Range Calibration
  • 3 m (10'') Cable, Standard


More information about how an accelerometer works in this link.

The ACC141 Series are linear accelerometers that produce a high level output proportional to the instantaneous acceleration from static to 3000 Hz (depending upon range). The excellent dynamic response is enabled by using air damping which has much better temperature properties than fluid damping. The rugged capacitive sensor allows the high overload properties and delivers excellent accuracy and long term stability. The rugged stainless steel case with O-ring seal provides excellent environmental protection and the integral base plate make installation and mounting quick and isolates the unit from mounting strain.

Linearity: ±1.0% full scale
Hysteresis: 0.10%
Repeatability: 0.05%
Transverse Acceleration Effect: <±0.012 G/G
Damping: Approximates 2nd order system with 0.7 critical damping [gas squeeze film 0.7±0.2 of critical at 25°C (77°F)]; damping ratio increases approximately 0.27%/°C
Frequency Band: Flat from static to approximately 60% of natural frequency (all ranges)
Resolution: Infinite, limited only by noise level
Operating Temperature: -23 to 65°C (-10 to 150°F)
Zero Shift: <±0.036% range/°C (<±0.02% range/°F)
Sensitivity Shift: <±0.036% range/°C (<±0.02% range/°F) (slightly higher effect when “A” models are operated at excitation levels below 10 Vdc)
Zero G Output: <±25 mV
Full Scale G Output: <±25% nominal output
Noise Level: <±0.01% nominal range (RMS)
Calibration: Each unit is supplied with a computer generated plot of output vs acceleration at the specified output voltage
Sensitivity: Reported at the nominal range
Calibration Voltage:
    ACC141A: 10 Vdc
    ACC141B: 24 Vdc
Excitation Voltage Range: 3-wire circuit
ACC141A: 5 to 15 Vdc @ 5 mA (Cal at 10 Vdc)
ACC141B: 10 to 28 Vdc @ 10 mA (Cal at 24 Vdc)
Nominal Output:
    ACC141A: ±500 mV
    ACC141B: ±1000 mV
Electrical Connection: 3 m (10') cable
Case: Stainless steel, O-ring
Weight: 30 g (1 oz)
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Nota:  - Discontinued