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Data Acquisition Boards For Desktop PCs
Discontinued Product


Data Acquisition Boards For Desktop PCs | DAQBOARD Series

Data Acquisition Boards For Desktop PCs

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1 anno di garanzia CE
  • 16-bit A/D
  • 100K Reading/sec Real-time Storage-to-Disk
  • 8 Differential- or 16 Single-Ended Inputs, Expandable to 256
  • X1, 2, 4, or 8 Programmable Gain (Other Gains Available with Option Cards)
  • Expansion Cards for High Voltage/current, Strain Gage, Thermocouple, Isolation, Filtering and Simultaneous Sample and Hold
  • Five Programmable 16-bit Counter/timers
  • Analog, Digital, or Software Trigger
  • Two 12-bit Analog Outputs, 100 kHz via On-board DMA or FIFO
  • 24 General-Purpose Digital I/O Lines, Expandable to 192
  • 16 High-speed Digital-Input Lines, Scannable at up to 100 kHz


The DAQBOARD is no longer available. Please see the OMB-DAQBOARD-2000 as a substitute or contact sales.

The DAQBOARD family of data acquisition boards offers more signal conditioning choices than any comparable product, while also providing high-speed performance and low price. These ISA-bus boards offer 10 µsec per-channel, 16-bit measurement capacity over their 16 analog input channels and maintain the same performance when expanded up to 256 channels. Moreover, both the boards 16 built-in and 256 expansion channels can each be programmed for a different, dynamically selectable gain. This means that a single DAQBOARD can measure various signal types, from thermocouples to strain-gages, while maintaining the 10 µsec per-channel rate. Most other data acquisition boards suffer significant speed and performance declines when equipped with expansion channels, because their on-board sequencing supports only built-in channels. The DAQBOARD family’s 256-channel expansion capacity includes low-cost, compact signal conditioning boards for measuring temperature, voltage, and strain, as well as boards for performing isolation, low-pass filtering, and simultaneous sample and hold. These boards can be housed in similarly inexpensive and compact three- or ten-slot enclosures.
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16-bit, 16-channel analog inputs and 2 analog outputs
Consultare l'Ufficio Commerciale  
16-bit 16-channel analog input, 2-channel analog output, 16 high speed digital inputs, 24 general purpose digital I/O, 5 counter/timers
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Manuali dei prodotti:

Download DAQBOARD SERIES - DAQBOARD Hardware Manual
Download DAQBOARD - Programmers Manual for OMB-DAQBOOK, DAQBOARD and OMB-WAVEBOOK
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