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Deep Tank/Sump Immersion Heaters


Deep Tank/Sump Immersion Heaters | TAT6

Deep Tank/Sump Immersion Heaters

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  • 12 mm (0.475") Diameter Incoloy® Elements and Stainless Steel Wetted Parts Standard
  • Designed for Permanent Installation in Outdoor/ Indoor Applications
  • 0.61 to 3.6 m (2 to 12') Vertical Riser Height (for Thermostat Designs)
  • Weathertight Mounting Hardware Supplied
  • Riser Adjustable to Facilitate Mounting Variations
  • Nema 4 Electrical Enclosure with 3/4" Conduit Fitting
  • 38 mm (1 1/2") Sludge Legs
  • Double-Pole 16 to 121ºC (60 to 250°F) Pilot Duty Thermostat
  • Watertight Thermowell Sized for 9.5 mm (3/8") Maximum Diagram Sensing Bulb
  • 120V, 208V, 277V, and 575V Versions Available (Contact Omega)
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More information about how a Immersion Heater works in this link or general information about industrial heater elements.

Application These fluid immersion heaters are designed for top mounting in large or deep enclosed tanks having a manhole access or opening suitable to insert and attach the heater. They are usable for either outdoor or indoor applications, within exposed or in-ground tanks and sewerage sumps. They are designed for permanent mounting and can be sealed weathertight with supplied gaskets and adjustable riser fittings. NEMA 4 terminal housing is easily removable and resealed to facilitate installation. Units are available with element watt densities from 6 watt/in² for heavy oils, to 60 watt/in² for clean water immersion applications. Element bundle diameters ranging from minimum of 254 mm (10") OD to a maximum of 762 mm (30") OD are available. Construction The tubular elements are welded into a submersible liquid-tight stainless steel junction box. Element power leads are routed up through adjustable riser pipe and connected to a terminal block inside the upper NEMA 4 terminal housing. Unless specified otherwise, heaters are factory wired for three phase and are easily converted to single phase. All wetted parts parts are 300 series stainless steel. Standard unit includes 15.5 to 121ºC (60 to 250°F) double-pole thermostat mounted in upper housing that has a 9.5 mm (3/8") diameter bulb and capillary installed in watertight thermowell with adjustable compression fitting.

Model No. KW Number of Elements mm (inch)
240V-1Ph 240V-3Ph 480V-1Ph 480V-3Ph A B E
TAT60001 TAT60002 TAT60003 TAT60004 5 3 1829 (72) 387 (15.25) 190 (7.5)
TAT60005 TAT60006 TAT60007 TAT60008 7.5 6 266 (10.5)
TAT60009 TAT60010 TAT60011 TAT60012 10 9 343 (13.5)
TAT60013 TAT60014 TAT60015 15 12 419 (16.5)
TAT60016 TAT60017 TAT60018 20 18 571 (22.5)
TAT60019 TAT60020 30 24 724 (28.5)
Ordering Example: TAT60001, 5 KW immersion heater, 240 Vac, 1 phase.
Ordinare(Specificare il codice prodotto)
Codice prodotto/Desc.
Consultare l'Ufficio Commerciale  
240V-1Ph, 5 KW, Number of Elements; 9
Consultare l'Ufficio Commerciale  
240V-3Ph, 7.5 KW, Number of Elements; 6
Consultare l'Ufficio Commerciale  
480V-1Ph, 7.5 KW, Number of Elements; 6
Consultare l'Ufficio Commerciale  
480V-1Ph, 30 KW, Number of Elements; 24
Consultare l'Ufficio Commerciale  
480V-3Ph, 20 KW, Number of Elements; 18

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Codice prodotto

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